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Ninja Hacks to Building a Buyers List

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If you’re investing strategy is to rehab houses and sell them at retail, then you are most likely selling them via the Realtor on your power team.  At least that is what you should be doing.  And, assuming that is what you are doing maintaining a buyer’s list is not that important.   It’s rare that you would have a repeat buyer for a retail sale.  I’m not saying it never happens, just that it’s not likely to happen very often.

However, if you are wholesaling properties, or even rehabbing houses to sell to landlord buyers, then keeping an active and responsive buyer’s list is crucial to success.  As a wholesaler you’re dealing with an option agreement that gives you a limited amount of time to find a buyer.  So, having a ready made list of likely buyers can greatly reduce the time to get the property sold, closed and earn your assignment fee.  Sorting through your existing list of buyers to find the ones that are interested in this specific deal is much quicker, cheaper and easier than marketing to find a completely new potential buyer.