Find Motivated sellers using no money and with NO competition

Learn the most effective real estate investing marketing strategy TODAY!

Tired of wasting time trying to find motivated sellers?

Okay, you've decided you want to be a real estate investor.  You've done countless hours of research and found many marketing strategies.  But, which one should you choose?

You can't afford to spend thousands of dollars doing massive amounts of mailings.

Bandit signs don't sound fun at all.  And, you see that there is a LOT of competition.

You tried calling FSBOs and posting ads on Craig's list but that isn't paying off very well either.

So, you've determined that driving for dollars seems to be the best marketing strategy for you.  But, how?  What does driving for dollars even mean?

That was exactly my story too.  After trying all those different marketing methods I heard about Driving for dollars.  That sounded great.  Simply drive around and find houses that people need to sell.  Easy enough, right?

Ok, so I get in the car, and start randomly driving around my neighborhood. Drove for hours. Saw some really nice houses, but what was I really looking for? I didn't really know. What a waste of time!

Came back to the office. Spent a couple hours on some more research and figured out what to look for.

Back to driving. Several more hours. Still nothing.

Then realized...I had been in the wrong neighborhood.

So, the next time out (again for hours) I tried different neighborhoods.  Better!

Actually found some houses that looked promising. But, surely no one actually lives in these houses. They are obviously vacant. (Which of course is PART of what I was looking for.)  At least, now I've got a list of addresses.

OK? Now what? How do I reach these people?

Back to the office.  More research!

Great! Found the owners.  But again.  Now what?

Do I send them a letter?  What should it say? Or, do I call them?  Can I actually find their phone number?What do I say to them?  How do I let them know I want to buy their house? How do I convince them to sell?

Of course, with enough time you can figure all of this out. I did.  It's not rocket surgery.

The answers are all out there on the interwebs.  But you can spend HOURS (like I did) trying to figure this out on your own.

OR, You can take take this course where I provide all the answers in one place.

Driving for Dollar$ - The Complete Process

This online course will provide you with a complete system, starting from where to look, through to how to convince sellers they should sell you their house. No need to do hours of research to find all the answers yourself. I have found the answers and included them all here in one concise video training course.

This course will show you a complete proven system and process that you can implement immediately.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 35% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course begins with an overview of the Driving for Dollars process but quickly moves into the specifics of how to find people that NEED to sell their houses. The course is divided into

  • manageable video lessons, each focusing on a specific skill you can use immediately; 
  • case studies are used to demonstrate exactly where and how to find the information you'll need, 
  • downloadable supporting documents to help you track and monitor your progress make the process complete and efficient, and,
  • a swipe file of marketing material that you can use as is, or customize with your own branding.

Immediately after signing up you'll be able to access the videos and supporting resources that will give you everything necessary to begin one of the most effective marketing campaigns in the industry.

Immediately Actionable Content

No need to waste time searching for various pieces of the puzzle.  It's all here in one place with all of the detail you need to get started right away

Downloadable content

Download the lessons and supporting resources so you can watch the lessons as many times as you'd like and make as many copies of the resources as you need.

Track Your Efforts

With this set of tracking sheets you'll have all that valuable information you collect in an organized system that makes it easy to follow through on; from noting the address to tracking your marketing response.

Learn at your own pace

Lessons are provided in comfortable bite size pieces. Watch one a day, or binge watch them all in one setting. Your choice!

Inside Driving for Dollar$


Module 1: Introduction

A birds eye view of the complete course.  A description of what to expect in each upcoming module


Module 2: Identify the Right Neighborhoods

Spending time driving through the wrong neighborhoods is a complete waste of time.  This module will show you how to find the most promising neighborhoods to spend your time in.  Being deliberate about where to drive will save you time and result in more leads that you can turn into profitable deals.


Module 3: Identify the Right Houses

Once you know what to look for, they become very obvious.  Yes, you're looking for vacant, distressed properties, but, there is more to it. This module will show you some less obvious signs of a potentially motivated seller that can expand your list of potential deals.


Module 4: Find the Owner

Having a list of addresses that would be a good deal has no value if you can't find the owner.  This module will demonstrate several techniques that you can use to find even the hardest to find of owners. Going the extra mile with these techniques will separate you from other investors meaning you are likely to be the only one talking to the owners once you do find them.


Module 5: Message to the Owner

Now that you have found the owner,what are the right words to get them to respond to your offer.  This module presents an entire campaign of communication to the owners designed to get them to call you and beg you to buy their house.  It will show you the most effective communication to send and  when to send it.


Module 6: Putting it All Into Practice

Now with all of the pieces in place this module will show you how to put it all together into your own productive system.  Then, either implement it to find your own leads, or, find valuable leads that you can wholesale to others.  Either way profits are sure to follow.


In addition to the great video lessons that explain the driving for dollars process in its entirety we've included some bonuses you will not want to miss.  These bonuses are included to ensure you are not only able to understand what is taught but to make sure you can immediately use it to find your next big lead.  

If you do not plan to implement what you learn in this course, please do NOT order the course.  

However, if you are committed to using driving for dollars as a way to find you're next $5,000 or $10,000 lead these bonuses will help you find those deals even quicker. 

Bonus 1
Marketing Swipe File

A complete set or letters, notices and other marketing collateral that you can download and customize with your own personal branding.

This material will save you countless hours of having to create your own material.

Simply take what is provided and use it as is, or, add your own branding to customize it as your own.

Bonus 2
Tracking sheets

Any good system requires keeping good records.  Random notes written on the back of fast food receipts get lost and never followed up on.  That is a frustrating waste of time.

With this set of tracking sheets you'll have all that valuable information you collect in an organized system that makes it easy to follow through on; from noting the address to tracking your marketing response.

Bonus 3
Tired landlord process

Tired landlords are a GREAT source of quality leads.  There super easy to find while driving for dollars if you know what to look for.  

This bonus will show 

 a simple, proven process that tells you where to find these landlords and how to approach them so that over 80% become either a buyer or seller for your wholesaling business.

Bonus 3
30 Minute Coaching Call

Once you complete the course we'll schedule a 30 minute call for you to ask any question you have about what you have learned in the course or any other real estate investing question you may have. 

Use this time to fine tune the process you learned in the course or about whatever else you need help with.

About The Course Teacher,
Bob Yon

Bob bought his first home at the age of 19 years old.  He had his first rental property just several years later.  He is now a full-time real estate investor, instructor and coach.

He has started and run numerous Real Estate Investing Association REIA clubs where he teaches beginning investing strategies on a monthly basis. Through his coaching business, he teaches others the same real estate investing strategies he uses in his own investing business.  

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Kirky Galt

RE Investor & Broker

Always a great experience working with Bob.

He's passionate about what he offers and very clear in expressing his vision. You can see from his work that he's sincere about helping motivated sellers and investors achieve their goals.

Nadine Masserelli


Ugly House Renovations

a significant influence in my real estate investing business

Bob Yon has been a significant influence in my real estate investing business. He has provided an enormous amount of encouragement in my use of different investment strategies and is always willing to provide suggestions when I am struggling with an issue related to a property.

Jeff Richman

Managing Member

U.S. Financial Funding, LLC

Bob is someone worth working with.

I have found Bob to be honest and full of integrity when you work with him. His level of communication in this business makes him unusual as usually there is little communication. He is fair and honest and is always able to come up with a solution to any real estate issue if you're willing to have an open mind. 

50X - 100X  ROI

Find just one motivated seller lead that becomes a successful wholesale deal and you will earn more than 50 times the cost of this course.  Keep the deal for yourself as a fix and flip project and your return can literally be more than 100, even 200, times your investment in this course!

That's no exaggeration!  The average wholesale deal  pays about $5,000 - $10,000.  Do the math.   And that's on just your first wholesale deal.  Use these techniques as a consistent marketing strategy and the ROI is nothing short of phenomenal! 

And, these leads are not just for wholesaling.   Keep the leads to yourself for fix and flip rehab projects or as buy and hold rental property and the returns are even higher.

Of course, you could learn and implement other marketing strategies.  But, very few, if any, can be done on as small a budget as driving for dollars and with as little competition.  

  • Direct Mail
    Even a small direct mail campaign can cost more than several thousand dollars.   Direct mail requires buying lists of names and addresses to mail to.  Those lists costs anywhere from $.20 per name to more than $1.25 each.  Postage and printing adds another $.50 to $1.00 each.  And, to be truly effective you need to be mailing to at least several hundred new names each month followed by at least 3 - 4 follow up mailings.  It all adds up pretty quick.   Worse yet.  Most likely, there will be several other investors mailing to the same list.  That's some tough competition.
  • Bandit signs
    ​You've seen, and maybe even used them yourself.  Those 18 x 24 inch corrugated plastic signs you see on the street corners.  You see them everywhere!  Why do you see so many?  Well, because they work.  Or, at least they used to.  Now it seems that EVERYBODY is using them.   In many places they are illegal and many cities are starting to crack down on them.  (Why do you think they are called bandit signs?)
  • Cold Calling
    If you just loving sitting on the phone for hours calling people that probably do not want to hear from you and are likely to slam the phone down on you, possibly after a battery of several choice words, then cold calling is your thing.  If your used to that kind of rejection, you're welcome to it.
    You will spend $100 -$200 per month for an automated phone dialer and nearly that much for a good list of potential leads.  If you're good at that kind of thing and you enjoy that it can work pretty well.  It's just not my idea of a good time.
  • Door Knocking
    There are several places you can buy yourself a list of folks that have not been paying their mortgage payments for $200-$300 depending on the size of the list.   Simply go knock on their door and see if they would like to sell their house.  They will probably be embarrassed, offended and maybe even angry at you.  Oh, and by the way, just be sure not to tell them where you got their name.  That can be illegal as well.  But hurry up and get there soon.  Because the number of investors working these lists is immense.

I'm not saying not to use these other marketing strategies.  I have, and still use many of them.  But for those getting started on a shoe string budget or, without a good deal of experience that will set you apart from the competition, they can be challenging.

Driving for dollars is, by far, the most inexpensive marketing strategy available.  And, it's one of the most effective.   

It's the best way I know to eliminate the competition.  Think about it.  How many other investors are going to drive down the same streets you will.  And, even if they do VERY FEW will employ the techniques taught in this course that will set you up as the ONLY investor that actually finds and speaks to the seller.  You'll be the only one presenting an offer!

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Complete Driving for Dollar$ video course



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Watch the training course from beginning to end.  Utilize the tracking sheet, and marketing swipe file material.  Take up to 30 days to test what you learn and make sure it actually works.  I guarantee that it does.

If after your have watched the course and are not thrilled with it for any reason I will refund 100% of the cost of this course.

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Complete Driving for Dollar$ video course



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