Are buyers complaining that your
wholesale prices are too high?

Do buyers look at one or two of your wholesale deals and then you never hear from them again?

Do your contracts expire before you find a buyer?

I completely ignore almost every wholesale deal sent to me!

As an active real estate investor I am always looking for my next flip or rental deal.  And, I have lots of wholesale properties emailed to me every day.  But, I completely ignore most of those emails and never even open them.  And so do most other serious real estate wholesale buyers.


Because MOST of them have completely inaccurate After Repair Value (ARV) estimates.   Once a wholesalers has sent me a couple of deals and their ARVs are consistently wrong, I don't take the time to even look at their offerings.  Because, if their ARV is wrong, you can bet the price is too high.  It's just not worth my time to spend looking at their ARV fantasies.

However, I do have a few wholesalers that know how to properly calculate the ARV and I open every email they send.  I just need more quality wholesalers sending me good deals.   And so do other investors. 

Benefits of Accurate After Repair Value Calculations

  • Get more properties under contract with sellers.
    Build more trust and rapport with your sellers by presenting home valuations with more confidence and integrity.
  • Have more buyers interested in your wholesale deals
    Buyers work with wholesalers they trust.  To earn that trust you must save them time by presenting deals that contain accurate valuations.  Over estimated ARVs are a certain way to have your deals ignored by savvy wholesale buyers.
  • Maintain a shorter buyers list to get even more properties sold.
    Presenting deals with more accurate valuations builds stronger relationships with buyers that are more likely to become repeat buyers. A good wholesaler, only needs about 5 - 10 loyal repeat buyers.  Maintaining a shorter list gives you more time to finding more deals.
  • Increase your income by getting more of your contracts sold in less time.
    Wholesale deals presented with accurate ARV estimates are sold in less time and with less negotiation.  Calculate ARVs the same way your professional investor buyers do.  Then there is less haggling over price.  Professional investors are going to do their own ARV estimates; and when they match yours, there is very little left to discuss as far as price and you get the property sold!.

Course Topics

How to calculate Fix and Flip After Repair Values (ARV).

There is a specific simple formula that is used by all fix and flip buyers.  Learn and use the same formula used by them to ensure you are on the same page with your buyers.

How to calculate Rental Property After Repair Values (ARV).

Buy and Hold investors use their own specific formulas to calculate value.   Learn and use the basic formula land lords use and the variations they sometimes use.

How to select the right houses to use in an ARV calculation.

Houses come in all shapes, sizes, styles, ages, configurations, etc.   Accurately calculating the ARV of a house is crucially dependent on selecting truly comparable houses.  Learn which criteria to use to select the right houses.

What data sources to use and why.

Today there are dozens of sources to find the data that can be used to calculate ARVs.  Learn which data sources are considered reliable and why you MUST use only these.

How to identify which houses you must eliminate from the process.

Once you have identified the houses to use in your ARV calculation there will be some that must be eliminated from the calculation.  Learn the subjective criteria you must use to remove certain houses from the calculation.

When to deviate from the rules.

Deviating from the criteria and formulas to calculate ARV is sometimes necessary.  Learn when to deviate, the risks associated with doing so and how that affects an accurate ARV estimate.

Q & A

I'll answer all your questions to ensure you have a complete understanding of the process and how you can immediately begin to use it on your very next deal.

​Case Study Demonstrations

We'll walk through some live case studies.  You'll be able to see my screen and the exact process I, and my Realtor, use to determine almost exactly what a house will sell for once the rehab is complete

only $49

Learn the one skill that is absolutely essential for success in any type of real estate investing; properly calculating After Repair Values.

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  • 3
    My direct email address.  Send me questions that come up after class and I will reply within 24 hours.
  • 4
    30 Minute Coaching Consultation.  A one on one session to review YOUR specific business and provide guidance on how to grow your business.


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100% Money Back Guarantee

 I believe this class will absolutely solve the problem of wholesale deals not selling due to poor ARVs.  I'm so sure of this that  If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email me to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

Bob Yon is the founder of New Dream Coaching. The company is an outgrowth of Bob’s interest in Real Estate Investing and passion for helping people. Bob purchased his first home in 1978 at the age of 19 and has owned investment properties since 1983.

Bob is the founder and president of several local REIA meetings and continues to meet monthly, providing business and investment coaching, and networking opportunities to attendees from the general public.

Prior to his career in real estate investment, Bob ran a successful computer consulting business for many years, as well as holding several corporate jobs.  He experienced the doldrums of corporate life, decided to make a change, and made the successful transition to a career in real estate and a freer lifestyle.

He is a loyal husband, father, and grandfather. Beyond his love of family, Bob has two passions: problem solving and helping others.  These passions drive him to create non-traditional creative financing and purchasing arrangements to make deals happen.


How long will the class last?

I expect the class to take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  But we will stay until everyone's questions are answered.  Of course, if you need to leave early you can.

Will the class be offered again in the future?

No.  The two dates listed above are the only times this class is scheduled.

Can I invite a friend?

If you and a friend want to watch the class from one device, feel free.

How can I be on your approved wholesalers?

I am always open to having wholesalers send me deals that fit my buying criteria.  I will discuss that criteria during the class.  Register early and you will have my direct email address.