Bob Yon is the founder of New Dream Coaching. The company is an outgrowth of Bob’s interest in Real Estate Investing and passion for helping people. Bob purchased his first home in 1978 at the age of 19 and has owned investment properties since 1983.

Bob is the founder and president of several local REIA meetings and continues to meet monthly, providing business and investment coaching, and networking opportunities to attendees from the general public.

Prior to his career in real estate investment, Bob ran a successful computer consulting business for many years, as well as holding several corporate jobs.  He experienced the doldrums of corporate life, decided to make a change, and made the successful transition to a career in real estate and a freer lifestyle.

He is a loyal husband, father, and grandfather. Beyond his love of family, Bob has two passions: problem solving and helping others.  These passions drive him to create non-traditional creative financing and purchasing arrangements to make deals happen.